Registration Documents and Forms

 Institutional Data Form

The Institutional Data Form (IDF) is a form sent to an institution(s)/provider(s) that has submitted a Letter of Intent to Register.  The institution is required to complete and submit the IDF to ACTT for review.  The IDF captures information on the institution/provider and its programme offerings.

Institutional Profile

The Institutional Profile (IP) is a form completed by registered institution(s)/provider(s) providing details of various aspects of the institution such as:

a.   Name & Address of Institution
b.   Contact Information: telephone/fax/website/e-mail address
c.   Year Founded
d.   Current Registration Period
e.   Head of Institution and Contact Information
f.   Vision & Mission
g.   Background of Institution
h.   Legal Status: Private/Public/NGO
i.   List of Qualifications Registered to offer: Certificate, Diploma, Associate, 
     Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral
j.   Programmes offered by the Institution
k.  Transnational/Foreign and Overseas Programmes Recognised by ACTT
l.   Qualifications Awarded in Institution’s Name
m. Current Enrollment FT/PT
n.  Number of Sites and Contact Information for each Site including Site Manager

Visitors to the institution’s website will be guided to this Institutional Profile when they select ACTT’s Registered Institution Logo.

Trademark Licence Agreement

The Trademark Licence Agreement is a signed agreement between the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago and a registered post secondary or tertiary institution(s)/provider(s) and includes the Registered Institution’s logo and trademark usage guidelines. 

 Registered Institution Annual Report

A registered institution is required to submit the Registered Institution Annual Report (RIAR) on or before its anniversary date of registration.  This report will inform the ACTT of any substantive changes made by the institution during the reporting year.