ACTT's Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision Statement:

ACTT is to be the vanguard and catalyst of a quality post-secondary and tertiary education sector which is globally relevant, responsive and supportive of the development of a qualified workforce and society in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Mission Statement:

ACTT assures and enhances the quality of post-secondary and tertiary education nationally and abroad through innovative business, globally-benchmarked standards and service excellence.

The Vision and Mission Key words

1. Vanguard - ACTT is leading and paving the pathway for a quality PSTE sector

2. Catalyst - ACTT stimulates and challenges PSTE institutions to meet its standards

3. Globally relevant - ACTT embraces and adapts international models, best practices and standards in the design of its systems and services

4. Responsive- ACTT understands that it operates in an environment of constant change, is nimble and responds to needs

5. Supports the Development – ACTT ensures that PSTE institutions contribute to the development of a knowledgeable and skilled workforce and society

6. Assures and enhances - ACTT applies its policies, standards and processes for external quality assurance of PSTE institutions and, qualifications

7. Nationally and abroad - ACTT engages and supports PSTE institutions and awarding bodies located in Trinidad and Tobago and to overseas institutions and awarding bodies offering in-country or education abroad programmes via distance and online learning

8. Innovative business - ACTT establishes new business models and approaches that have adopted or modelling its own best practices

9. Globally benchmarked standards- ACTT contextualizes and adapts global external quality standards to design its own

10. Service excellence - ACTT establishes standards for providing efficient and effective service to stakeholders


Core Values:

Accountability - we answer to our governing authorities and ensure that our stakeholders do the same

Commitment to Career and Professional Development - we support the career and professional development of our employees

Customer Focus - we listen to and consider our customers’ needs when making decisions and taking action

Integrity - we embrace, comply with and administer national laws, government policy, organisational policies and best-in-class post-secondary and tertiary education quality practices. We are above reproach in our actions

Teamwork - we perform better together while seeking our stakeholders’ interests instead of attempting to work individually

Trust - we speak the truth and support and respect each other. We guarantee honest business when we engage our stakeholders

Excellence - we model innovations and best practices, going beyond what our customers expect of us

These values form the foundation that guide the behaviours necessary to achieve ACTT‘s goals and objectives and will therefore be consistently communicated to all staff to elicit their commitment in executing ACTT‘s mandate.