Recognition of Transnational Programmes

Chapter 39:06 mandates that ACTT recognise programmes and awards of foreign institutions operating in Trinidad and Tobago.    The aim of recognition is to certify that minimum requirements are met for the delivery of foreign post secondary and tertiary education and training programmes through partnership arrangements with local institutions that have been registered by ACTT.

While local institutions may apply for recognition of individual transnational programmes, a foreign awarding body/institution may alternatively seek recognition by ACTT.  

Through this process the awarding body or institution must provide evidence that satisfies the following requirements:

  • Transnational qualifications offered in Trinidad and Tobago should be equivalent and comparable to qualifications that carry the same or similar titles in the country of the awarding institution.  Equivalence is intended to ensure that the holders of transnational awards have acquired comparable skills and competencies as those expected in the country of the awarding institution. Local graduates should also be assured of similar opportunities for further study and employment as graduates of the equivalent qualification(s).
  • The local context should be considered in the design and delivery of the programme leading to the qualification to ensure that graduates are suitably able to apply their newly acquired knowledge and competencies within Trinidad and Tobago.  Labour market needs and employer feedback should be considered to ensure that the qualification is relevant to the economic, cultural, societal and technological context in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Reliable and tested systems should be implemented to avoid the various forms of credential fraud to maintain the highest integrity of the qualification.  All parties involved in assessment, record keeping and issuing the award must be aware and committed to safeguarding against any form of fraud or discrepancy.
  • Enrolled students should have the same rights of access to information regarding changes in fees, changes in policy, examination results and other information available to students at the awarding institution.  In the case of a termination of the agreement between the foreign and the local institutions, students are protected by an ‘exit policy’, or such arrangements which reasonably allow students to complete the programme leading to the award of the qualification.


   Application Documents for Transnational Recognition

  Foreign Awarding Body Application Documents Initial Recognition

  Foreign Awarding Body Application Documents Continuing Recognition

  Foreign Awarding Institution Application Documents Initial Recognition

  Foreign Awarding Institution Application Documents Continuing Recognition

  Transnational Programmes Application Documents Initial Recognition

  Transnational Programmes Application Documents Continuing Recognition


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