Equivalence Assessment

ACTT will determine the equivalence or comparable academic value of a foreign qualification in Trinidad and Tobago.

Equivalence Assessment can assist you to:

    • determine the local qualification equivalent to your foreign qualification
    • earn credit transfers for study completion
    • gain entry to further study in Trinidad and Tobago
    • obtain employment or promotion

Applications for Equivalence Assessment

The standard processing time for an application for a Statement on Equivalence is a minimum of twenty (20) working days.  A Statement on Equivalence may be issued before the twenty (20) working day period.

  • A processing fee : TT$400.00 per qualification
  • The FCB Account number is 1441149. When making the direct deposit via an online payment, please put the name of the payee as follows “Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago”. The entire word “Tobago” will not fit, but it will still be accepted. No abbreviations to “T&T”, and no “The” in front of Accreditation.
  • The following original documents must be uploaded where the qualification has already been awarded:
    • Original certificate of qualification
    • Original final transcript
    • Official English translation of documents (as necessary)
    • Deed Poll, Marriage Certificate or Decree Absolute or the legal equivalent in the applicant’s country of origin (as necessary)
  • Email the application form and uploaded documents and proof of payment to equivalence@actt.org.tt