ACTT is responsible for providing authoritative advice on the requirements for carrying titles such as "university”, "community college", “college”, “tertiary college”, “polytechnic” and “technical institute” in accordance with the provisions under Chapter 39:06. Approval must be granted by ACTT for the use of appropriate titles that are consistent with international best practice. This applies to institutions that were established subsequent to the proclamation of the Act in 2004, as well as institutions that wish to change their name.

There are five criteria against which the organisational structure of an institution will be reviewed for the decision of conferment of institutional title.


  1. Governance and Administration: Criterion 1 states, “The institution is governed, managed and administered effectively, with clear and appropriate lines of accountability for its academic responsibilities. The institution is financially responsible with coherent policies which link resource allocation to its vision and mission statements.”

    Standard 1.1 The institution has a well organised and legally constituted governing board/body.

    Standard 1.2 The institution’s governance and administrative structure and 
    practices are congruent with the mission and purpose of the institution.

    Standard 1.3 The institution’s purpose, mission and institutional goals are appropriate to the classification of the institution.

    Standard 1.4 The institution has policies, procedures and the financial capacity to ensure effective resource allocation.

    Standard 1.5 The institution’s structure supports the attainment of the stated mission and institutional goals.

    Standard 1.6 There is a mechanism for seeking and using feedback on the attainment of institutional goals to improve its performance.

  2. Academic Standards: Criterion 2 states, “The institution has in place an appropriate regulatory framework in terms of documented policies and procedures to govern the award of its qualifications.”

    Standard 2.1 The institution has clear policies and procedures that govern the award of its qualifications.

    Standard 2.2 The institution clearly defines the policies for admission, graduation and withdrawal for all its programmes.

    Standard 2.3 The institution’s goals for student learning outcomes are clearly defined for each academic programme.

    Criterion 3, “The institution has clear and consistent mechanisms for defining academic standards and identifying levels of qualifications.”

    Standard 3.1 The institution’s academic standards for qualifications are at levels equivalent to similar programmes developed nationally, regionally and internationally.

    Standard 3.2 The scope and level of the qualification offered by the institution are congruent with the classification of the institution.

    Standard 3.3 The institution continuously reviews, updates and modifies academic standards for continued relevance.

    Standard 3.4 The institution demonstrates evidence of its capacity to deliver educational programmes at levels corresponding with its title.

    Standard 3.5 The institution has the majority of its students enrolled in programmes of study at levels appropriate to this institutional title.

  3. Scholarship and Pedagogical Effectiveness: Criterion 4: “Faculty at the institution possess qualifications and experience required to teach, facilitate learning and undertake assessment to the level of the qualification being awarded.”

    Standard 4.1 The institution’s faculty members are qualified at a level that is appropriate to the level of qualification being awarded.

    Standard 4.2 The institution’s faculty members are qualified in areas appropriate and relevant to the programmes they deliver.

    Standard 4.3 The institution’s faculty members maintain a sound understanding of current developments in their relevant fields and engage in the latest pedagogical practices.

    Standard 4.4 The institution has carefully designed mechanisms and/or processes for assessment and/or evaluation of student learning.

    Standard 4.5 The institution supports and encourages the professional development of staff.

    Standard 4.6 The institution conducts research related to the needs of society (if applicable).

  4. Supporting Environment for Programme Delivery: Criterion 5: “The institution provides an appropriate environment for effective programme delivery through student, academic and administrative support that is effectively monitored.”

    Standard 5.1 The institution has identified and allocated the appropriate resources to maintain effective programe delivery.

    Standard 5.2 The institution has established the relevant physical infrastructure to sustain effective programme delivery.

    Standard 5.3 The institution has set mechanisms/systems in place for monitoring the level(s) of student, programme and administrative support.

    Standard 5.4 The institution creates an effective learning environment by providing adequate student support services which are monitored.

    Standard 5.5 The institution creates an effective learning environment by supporting the evaluation and enhancement of its staff, both academic and administrative.


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