Institutional Accreditation- University of the Southern Caribbean. 2012

News Article for Institutional Accreditation- University of the Southern Caribbean

On Monday May 21, 2012, the Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education, Senator the Honourable Fazal Kairm, conferred the status of Institutional Accreditation on the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) in a formal ceremony held at MSTTE’s Headquarters at the International Waterfront Center, Wrightson Road Port of Spain.

In addressing the guests at the ceremony, Senator Karim stated that “Accreditation is based on the principals of a quality management system. It ensures that you are guaranteed the investment on your training dollar and your education dollar. Accreditation turns concerns in confidence and moves faith into the future.” Senator Karim congratulated the president of USC Dr. Clinton Valley on the accomplishment and charged the University. 

Other speakers at the event included Dr Michael Dowlath, Chairman, ACTT and Dr Clinton Valley, President USC. In his address Dr Dowlath, Chairman, ACTT commented on the historical significance of the occasion stating that USC is the fifth institution to granted Institutional Accreditation and the first private and faith based university in Trinidad and Tobago and the Southern Caribbean to achieve this milestone. 

In his congratulatory address Dr. Clinton Valley remarked that USC remains committed to providing for this country, the region and the graduates who make a significant, productive and qualitative difference to the environment wherever they live and work.

The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago congratulates the University of the Southern Caribbean on their achievement and thanks them for serving as a model for quality in the local and regional higher education sector.