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Your questions answered on registration of post secondary and tertiary
education institutions operating in Trinidad and Tobago.

All post secondary and tertiary level institutions, local or transnational/foreign, operating in Trinidad and Tobago must be registered by The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT).

Post secondary or tertiary institutions must first submit an application for registration in Trinidad and Tobago. If necessary, the post secondary or tertiary institution must obtain ACTT’s approval to use the institutional title that it wishes to be registered under.

The institution is required to submit to an evaluation by ACTT to ensure compliance with the minimum quality requirements for post secondary and tertiary institutions. If the institution meets these requirements for registration, it is issued a Certificate of Registration by ACTT. Registered institutions are placed on the Register of Post secondary and Tertiary Institutions.

Post secondary education refers to all education and training programmes which are not at tertiary level but which are offered to secondary school leavers to meet their vocational or continuing education needs.

Provider is a person or body offering programmes or courses leading to an award or credit.

Tertiary education means the teaching and learning process following the completion of secondary education or its equivalent and leading to the awards at the sub-baccalaureate, baccalaureate and post baccalaureate levels.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is registration?

A: Registration is a mandatory process whereby post secondary and tertiary education and training institutions demonstrate they have the capacity to offer quality education in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Q: Which institutions are required to register?

A: All institutions offering education and training in Trinidad and Tobago that lead to the award of post secondary and tertiary level qualifications. These institutions must be registered before they begin to offer these qualifications.

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Q: Why is registration mandatory?

A: Mandatory registration provides a legal framework for protecting the interests of students, parents and other stakeholders in the tertiary education sector. Institutions that fail to register with ACTT are guilty of an offence. In accordance with Chapter 39:06, those institutions will be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $20,000.00 and a further $500.00 for each day that they continue to operate without being registered. Institutions that fail to register should not be operating.

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Q: What are ACTT's criteria for registration?

A: There are seven (7) criteria against which institutions are evaluated:

    • Legal, Policy and Regulatory Requirements
    • Governance and Administration
    • Quality Management System
    • Resource Management
    • Teaching-Learning Process
    • Review
    • Continuous Improvement


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Q: How does an institution begin the registration process?

A: The registration process starts with the institution submitting a Letter of Intent, which states the name of the institution to be registered, the types and levels of qualifications offered and the number of sites or campuses that the institution wishes to have registered. This letter must be signed by the head of the institutio, dated and addressed to ACTT’s Executive Director. ACTT will then communicate with the institution on the next steps in the process.

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Q: How is an institution evaluated for registration?

A: A site visit is conducted by an evaluation team comprising trained professionals appointed by ACTT to assess the institution’s operations. The evaluation team prepares a report and makes a recommendation on the status to be granted. The Board of ACTT makes the final decision on the status to be awarded.

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